Want to Own Lee Meriwether on The FBI?

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This May, Warner Archives will be releasing the first half of the first season of the TV series The F.B.I. Time Tunnel’s Lee Meriwether appears in three episodes as a love interest for Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (or so I’m told, it’s been ages since I’ve seen it.) And as a bonus, Pete Duel of Alias Smith and Jones stars in one of her episodes, too. Yes, I know he’s not an “Irwin” but he’s a terrific actor from the era so it’s worth checking out.

There are plenty of other “Irwin” guest stars on The FBI including Peter Mark Richmond, Robert Duvall, Don Gordon, Linden Chiles, Alfred Rider, Paul Fix and Barbara Luna. Oh, and some guy named David Hedison, but he doesn’t show up until the later seasons.

You can pre-order the series now by clicking here and searching for The FBI. Warner Archives is doing these as a burn on demand so you won’t find this DVD anywhere else except on eBay where they’ll charge you twice as much. Don’t let that happen. Buy from Warner Archives, they’re great.

2 thoughts on “Want to Own Lee Meriwether on The FBI?

  1. StuOz

    Most of those “Irwin” guest stars appeared in shows like QM’s The Invaders as well. In fact Alfred Ryder and Peter Mark Richman did some outstanding work in QM’s The Invaders.

    I agree, it can be fun watching shows like FBI, The Invaders, etc, to see some “Irwin” guests.

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