Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ~ Polidor screen used prop diorama

VTTBOTS Polider Prop 107

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’ve been getting more involved with restoring/bringing back to life T.V. & movie miniatures/props. This one is from the 1961 Irwin Allen production Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. In the film the mighty Seaview is being pursued by an attack sub called the “Polidor” in the scene, which is set in the Marianas trenches, the Seaview is diving deeper and deeper until the Polidor reaches crush depth and blows up!– the Seaview of course is able to withstand such depths because of it’s futuristic design.

This miniature is one of the actual screen used models from the film. My good friend Kirk acquired this recently in an auction and wanted it put in a diorama setting depicting the above mentioned scene from the film. Some restoration was needed to bring it back to it’s original form. For instance the brass prop blade had vanished, this was replaced by a similar after marked item, some areas on the hull needed repair and a bit of airbrush touch-up. The masts on the conning tower were also missing and needed to be replaced with new scratch made items.

The scene started life by fixing the miniature to a wooden brace utilizing the original holes that the special effects guys used in the film to move the model in the water. After positioning the prop I started to create and lay-out the giant rocks and boulders made out of floral foam, to be covered later with Sculptamold. Once everything was set, I made a couple of missiles firing at the Seaview – the bubbles coming out the back were created using glass beads glued together, and then dusted white with an airbrush. Vegetation was also added to the scene using planters moss and various dried plants.  011

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