Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ~ 1961 ~ German program

A nice addition to our collection this Christmas, was this great German program from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.  It appears to have been a hand-out at the theatre back when the movie preimered.

We found it interesting to note how Walter Pigeon and Joan Fontaine are depicted on the cover..  Miss Fontaine is leaning on Walter Pigeon’s shoulder, suggesting some romance maybe? However, anyone familiar with the movie knows there’s nothing going on bettween the two of them, in fact Joan Fontaine is the villian!

Great graphics, and images we have never seen before, it’s also interesting to note how the women on the Seaview are very present in the layout.

Its quite amazing how bright, clean, and futuristic this science fiction classic looks after 47 years, Irwin really was ahead of his time, what a visionary!

This was a great collectible find ( or I should say present ) from this Irwin Allen classic!

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