Time Tunnel Reunion – Hollywood Show Oct. 6th & 7th !

Just returned from Burbank, where Cynthia and I have just attended a Time Tunnel reunion at the Hollywood Show! in attendance were James Darren, the lovely Lee Meriwether, and Robert Colbert, everyone looked great, Lee is beautiful as ever, (still Miss America!) James Darren, much like Frankie Avalon, retains that ageless Philly boy appearance, and Robert Colbert, (who we last met back in 1985 at another Time Tunnel reunion with the late, Whit Bissel) was full of life, and appears almost the same after 27 years!

We met up with our friend Kirk Kirkland there, Kirk’s favorite show is The Time Tunnel, and got the opportunity to get a great picture of himself with the cast. It was quite a pleasure to meet with three of the main actors from the show, and get some autographs. Time Tunnel reunions are few and far between, so when we heard about this event, we couldn’t wait to attend, and meet some of the cast members of this great Irwin Allen production.

Irwin Allen fans will recall that both James Darren & Robert Colbert appeared in another great I.A. production City Beneath the Sea, a personal favorite, that I was looking forward to bringing to both Robert and James attention. I had brought a photo for Robert to sign as Commander “Woody Patterson” from a scene in the film piloting the Aqua Foil with “Admiral Mathews” (Stuart Whitman), he got quite a kick out of that, and even photographed the picture I brought. He seemed to have good memories of his part as “Woody” in the film.


Not so great quality video from Cynthia. . . but here it is

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