Time Travelers Casting Notes

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Time TravelersTime Travelers fans, this one is for you. We got our hands on a file of casting notes from the film. Not only does it include an amazing array of actors who were being considered for the movie. It also includes notes about turning the movie of the week into a series. I wish!

From the casting notes, we see that Jane’s boyfriend was a bigger part of the story than he turned out to be. In the original version, he is the one who discovers that the heroes aren’t who they pretend to be and he makes sure that Jeff stays in jail after he’s arrested for the murder of the drunk (he doesn’t get arrested in the final film, thus eliminating that entire scene with the boyfriend.)

The notes also say that Clint refuses to leave because he’s fallen in love with Jane. Jeff has to knock him out and carry him back to the rendezvous point. In the filmed version, Clint talks about staying behind but realizes it’s a pipe dream and leaves as instructed.

Now here’s a closer look at casting notes from Irwin Allen’s Time Travelers.

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