“SS Poseidon” Model at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum

poseidon-san-pedro-0102Cynthia an I just returned from a visit to the Los Angeles maritime museum in San Pedro. The main reason for going was to meet one of the stars from Irwin Allen’s The Poseidon Adventure…the “SS Poseidon” filming miniature.

When we got there, we went to the exhibit room upstairs, and what we saw was truly amazing. The model is HUGE…at 21 1/2 feet long, and a weight of 1 Ton!

We couldn’t believe it, the sheer size alone was a spectacle to behold! The plaque on the wall mentions that some damage had occured during filming of the poseidon-san-pedro-013explosion sequences, and needed a little restoration before being used in advertising, and then finally making its way to the San Pedro museum.

We talked with the curator of the museum and found out the model has been there for 25 years, and has wheels on the wooden base. Apparently, 20th century fox’s prop department was starting to overflow, and the museum was able to obtain it.

The other thing that struck us about seeing this model there, was, that it was all lot like meeting one of the stars of the film. After all it is, the main character in the movie…really.

poseidon-san-pedro-0171Many fans visit this unique part of movie history, we were told. For anyone planning to visit the museum, its well worth it, you can also go a few miles down the road to Long Beach and see the actual “Queen Mary” where the filming was done.

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