“SS Poseidon” Model at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum

Cynthia an I just returned from a visit to the Los Angeles maritime museum in San Pedro. The main reason for going was to meet one of the stars from Irwin Allen’s The Poseidon Adventure…the “SS Poseidon” filming miniature. When we got there, we went to the exhibit room upstairs, and what we saw was truly amazing. The model is… Read more »

Lost in Space ~ Jupiter 2 Completed

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Just finished up this great Lunar Models 24″ Jupiter 2. A ton of work but well worth it. After several months of sanding, scratch building, and converting/sculpting new figures…not to mention full lighting for the interior cockpit, Dome & chaser lights on the fusion core, I finally have a BIG Jupiter 2 that I’ve always wanted. The model finished in… Read more »

UCLA Library Collection~Irwin Allen Archive/W.B.~Part 1

Just got back from a most wonderful and inspiring 2 day getaway, our trip involved a visit to the Performing Arts Archives to see “The Irwin Allen Papers”…as well as a tour of Warner Bros. studio…first up, was an appointment with the UCLA library to go through about five boxes of material covering Irwin Allen’s big four, we went through… Read more »

Irwin Allen’s ~ ” THE BIG CIRCUS ” 1959

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One year prior to Irwin Allen’s foray into the Sci-Fi/Fantasy and special effects genre, he produced a wonderful movie called The Big Circus…released in 1959, it had all the marking’s of an “IRWIN ALLEN PRODUCTION” action & spectacle, vivid production values and big scope! Irwin was sort of a modern day Cecil B. Demille a real showman, and what better… Read more »

The Moebius Seaview! Now Available.

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Huge Seaview Submarine PREORDER by Moebius Models This model kit is now available for Preorder at Megahobby.com.  The Seaview if  from Moebius Models.  39″ long and based on the television series sub, with 4 windows in the bow and the Flying Sub bay. Details will include a Flying Sub, Diving Bell, detailed control room. The kit may even include small… Read more »

LOST IN SPACE ! with Judy & the Robot…

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Just completed this wonderful figure of Judy Robinson (Marta Kristen), the figure is even approved by Marta! with her signature cast on the base…very cool! and also, the classic Aurora (Polar Lights) Robot. The figure is resin and produced by Jimmy Flintstone, when I first saw it, I knew I had to build and paint it…it represents the spirit of… Read more »

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ~ 1961 ~ German program

A nice addition to our collection this Christmas, was this great German program from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.  It appears to have been a hand-out at the theatre back when the movie preimered. We found it interesting to note how Walter Pigeon and Joan Fontaine are depicted on the cover..  Miss Fontaine is leaning on Walter Pigeon’s… Read more »

Classic Irwin Allen Model Kits, Props and more…

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The many incarnations of the Irwin Allen ships have continued to appeal to modelers for over 40 years. Aurora plastics were the first model company to release model kits based on the Irwin Allen shows, these kits have remained sought after all these years. I think a lot of the appeal is the designs….they were truly timeless shapes, if fact… Read more »

Hello Irwin Fans

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You may remember us from many years ago when we ran Over Land Sea Space and Time. Through that fanzine we met hundreds of really great Irwin fans. Since then times have changed (thank heavens) and we no longer have to run off Xerox copies of a paste up to spread the good word. Now we have websites and blogging…. Read more »