A Surprise in Super 8

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Last week we sat down to watch J.J. Abrams’ movie Super 8 on Epix. It’s a fun homage to the “kids save the day” films of the 80’s like Goonies and Stand by Me. The kids in the movie are making their own zombie film using a Super 8 camera and while shooting at a train station they accidentally catch… Read more »

Poseidon Adventure 40th anniversary cover story in Cinema Retro

We’re happy to announce that the latest issue of Cinema Retro has a 40th anniversary cover story on The Poseidon adventure. Lots of amazing information on the disaster movie that set the standard, including interviews with Carol Lynley & Mort Kunstler who created the wonderful poster art. There’s several rare photos, behind-the-scenes, and in front of the camera. This issue… Read more »

IA Photo of the Week; The Time Travelers 1976

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We thought we’d do another photo of the week a bit early this time since we hadn’t done this segment in a while. This week’s feature is a slightly lesser know Irwin Allen TV movie,  The Time Travelers 1976, starring Tom Hallick and Sam Groom (of Time Tunnel fame). In the story Earnshaw and Adams travel back in time to find… Read more »

IA Photo of the Week: Lost in Space; The Reluctant Stowaway

It’s been ages since we’ve done an IA photo-of-the-week, but it’s back, and we’ll be doing this regularly. Here we have a nice little shot of the Robinsons and Dr. Smith behind the scenes (notice the open ceiling) in the holy grail Lost in Space episode “The Reluctant Stowaway.” This episode had it all, great special effects, good story, excellent… Read more »

Irwin Allen Model Kits: Alive and Well in 2012!

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It’s amazing how Irwin Allen’s legacy lives on well into the new millennium. A friend and I recently visited a hobby shop nearby for supplies and to browse through the new model kits. I couldn’t help but notice a nice selection of Moebius Models, Irwin Allen kits together on the shelf, the Seaview, (both the 8 window and TV versions),… Read more »

Time Tunnel Reunion – Hollywood Show Oct. 6th & 7th !

Just returned from Burbank, where Cynthia and I have just attended a Time Tunnel reunion at the Hollywood Show! in attendance were James Darren, the lovely Lee Meriwether, and Robert Colbert, everyone looked great, Lee is beautiful as ever, (still Miss America!) James Darren, much like Frankie Avalon, retains that ageless Philly boy appearance, and Robert Colbert, (who we last met back… Read more »

Lost in Space Space Pod vignette completed!

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Just completed this wonderful Moebius Space Pod in 1/24th scale. The model has the addition of photo-etch enhancement, fusion core chaser lights with adjustable speed, overhead lighting, and fiber optics for the instrument panel. It is finished in Vallejo and Tamiya acrylics. Like the Chariot, it’s been about 25 years since the last Space Pod, back in the Lunar Models… Read more »