Marta Kristen & Celeste Yarnall at L.A. Sci-Fi & Comic Con – August 19, 2012

Cynthia and I just got back from a wonderful day at the LA Sci-Fi & Comic Con to see Marta Kristen and Celeste Yarnall, both ladies look as beautiful as ever, willing to chat, and take some pictures with us along along with our friend, and long time Irwin Allen fan Kirk Kirkland. Marta told us some interesting tid-bits of info and had several great photos on display. She mentioned that she is still in-touch and good friends with June Lockhart, Angela Cartwright, Mark Goddard and Bill Mumy! This is great to hear after all these years. We mentioned to Marta that the last time we saw her was in 1990 for the 25th anniversary of Lost in Space at the same venue, she still looks fantastic, and has hardly changed! (must be that Scandinavian blood).

Sitting at the table next to Marta was the lovely Celeste Yarnall. Celeste guest starred in many television series including “Star Trek” as Chekov’s love interest in “The Apple”, “Bonanza”, “It Takes a Thief “,” Man From Uncle”, “FBI”, “Mannix“, “Wild Wild West” to name a few. Celeste also has several notable films to her credit, she co-starred in “Live a Little, Love a Little” opposite Elvis Presley, as well as the beautiful vampire , Diane, in “The Velvet Vampire” for Roger Corman. She also starred in the cult favorite “Eve” in which she played Christopher Lee’s jungle goddess granddaughter.

Just a few of the films and TV shows she appeared in, but for Irwin Allen fans she is best remembered her for her guest starring role in Land of the Giants “The Golden Cage” a great first season episode that finds her playing the role of Marna, who has been raised by the giants after Marna and her parents crash landed on the planet fifteen years earlier. Mark is immediately attracted to her, but Steve thinks its just bait for another trap. Mark’s relationship with Marna develops, but realizes by the end of the story, that Steve was basically right. A great episode, that holds up quite well with the test of time.


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