Lost in Space Sighting on ‘The Neighbors’

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ABC’s new comedy The Neighbors is about a typical urban family who moves to the suburbs only to find out that everyone else in their gated community is an alien. Surprise, surprise, it’s actually a truly funny and poignant comedy that is not to be missed.

In the season finale, The Neighbors paid homage to their spacy roots with guest appearances by George Takei and Mark Hamill. They even had a huge flying saucer hovering over the neighborhood. The week before that, there was a hysterical ET reference that included the youngest alien bundled up in the basket of a bike.

But if you go back to the episode “Mo Purses Mo Money Mo Problems”, you’ll find an unintentional SciFi homage. Check out the background in this shot of Marty and Max at the “puzzle store.”


It’s the Lost in Space Jupiter II model. It’s probably the one from Moebius Models. We’re pretty sure this was shot at Burbank House of Hobbies in Burbank. Those old school wooden shelving units are the giveaway.

If you’d like to see the whole episode, you can watch it for free on ABC.

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