Lost in Space ~ Jupiter 2 Completed

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Just finished up this great Lunar Models 24″ Jupiter 2. A ton of work but well worth it. After several months of sanding, scratch building, and converting/sculpting new figures…not to mention full lighting for the interior cockpit, Dome & chaser lights on the fusion core, I finally have a BIG Jupiter 2 that I’ve always wanted. The model finished in Tamiya metallics, and weathered in pastels.

A lot of care was taken to maintain the delicate balance and overall “look”. Much time was spent surfacing/sanding, filling and re-sanding to get a nice and acceptable  surface for painting.

The Jupiter 2 has a most intriguing design by Bill Creber. This design was passed through Robert Kinoshita’s Art direction and is now one of Sci-Fi TV’s  greatest stars!

5 thoughts on “Lost in Space ~ Jupiter 2 Completed

  1. Bigfnevil

    AMAZING…..great workmanship…and pro painting…your end result is amazing….and considering its a Lunar model, you,ve brought it to life….very well done….

  2. ray

    LOVE THIS MODEL!You did a good job on this. I can’t find one these anywhere, I want to build one for my dad.

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