LOST IN SPACE 50th Reunion! Hollywood Show Jan. 23-25 2015

We just returned from a wonderful day at the LIS 50th anniversary reunion at the Hollywood Show. The event was held on Jan. 23-25 at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel, we attended the Saturday installment. June Lockhart, Marta Kristen, Angela Cartwright, Bill Mumy & Mark Goddard were all present, Bill’s daughter Lilian was also their. Amongst other IA related guests were Francine York and Lou Wagner.

013  Also present was the original Gemini 12 filming miniature! — recently restored to it’s original form by Paul Lubiner. It was on display between June & Mark, There was also a nice B-9 standing next to the Gemini 12, as well as a smaller Moebius Jupiter 2. There were at least 3 B-9’s at the show, really setting the atmosphere! In line we spotted a Saticon and “flexible” B-9 costume.

Our good friend, and long time IA fan Kirk Kirkland was of course at this event, and came wearing a recently acquired, original, “Anti-Matter Man” costume he won at auction, the costume fit Kirk nearly perfect! 006(the costume was the Guy Williams version) very cool, to say the least!

We also had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Francine York (an IA regular) she’s a lovely women, very nice, and fun to talk with.

We also spent some time chatting a bit with Mark Goddard, he mentioned that this was most likely the last time he’ll appear at a west coast LIS Reunion, however he did say he’d continue doing east coast shows.

022The show was packed, lot’s of fans and familiar faces from IA fandom. It was great to see everyone, June Lockhart is truly amazing at 90 years! full of life, no problem keeping up with everyone, answering questions, doing photo sessions etc.

All in all a great day of fun, 50 years since “No Place to Hide” hard to believe, but Lost in Space lives on!

Check out next post for a video!

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