LOST IN SPACE ! with Judy & the Robot…

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Just completed this wonderful figure of Judy Robinson (Marta Kristen), the figure is even approved by Marta! with her signature cast on the base…very cool! and also, the classic Aurora (Polar Lights) Robot. The figure is resin and produced by Jimmy Flintstone, when I first saw it, I knew I had to build and paint it…it represents the spirit of the show, and the 1960’s-the caricature element is obvious, but really suggests the fun and colorful side of Lost in Space !

I decided to paint her in the colorful third season violet & yellow scheme, even though the dress is more of the second season cut & design, I went with more of the mood and “feeling”of the show in general.

The majority of the figure was airbrushed in acrylics, and details hand painted…the robot was mostly airbrushed as well, using Floquil “Old Silver” and Modelmaster enamels. Much time was spent on the arms and tracks cleaning up the seams and filling gaps. This old Aurora kit (reissued by Polar Lights) is still very cool, and a classic!

This little vignette will make a nice addition to the Irwin Allen collection, its amazing how much interest after forty plus years there still is…models, figures, ships and merchandise continues to come out and more on the way !

1 thought on “LOST IN SPACE ! with Judy & the Robot…

  1. eddie land

    you did a great job on the matching of the two model kts and the great pait jobs.

    I am not a modlers…would you be willing to replicate what you did with the Marta Model and Robot model and in completed mode?

    If so..what would such cost me?

    regards..eddie land

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