Irwin Allen’s ‘The Live Adventures of Pinocchio’ storyboards

001 (640x323) Our latest find on Ebay was a chance miracle! a complete storyboard and shooting schedule for Irwin Allen’s proposed Live Adventures of Pinocchio. The film was one of Irwin’s last projects, but never materialized due to his fading health. The storyboards are literally every scene illustrated in amazing detail, there were several scenes depicting giant props, blue screen work and miniatures. 005 (480x640)

There wasn’t any casting yet, but obviously a script is out there somewhere. The film looks like it would have been very much along the lines of the 1985 Alice in Wonderland TV special produced by Irwin and featuring an amazing all-star cast.

It would have been a real treat to see who he would have cast in this Feature! Especially the boy who would have played Pinocchio himself.

004 (475x640) This find is truly amazing as not only is it a major part of Irwin Allen history, but also a big part of film history. It was to be his last major all-star extravaganza, featuring many trade mark IA features such as giants and giant props, puppets, squids, and I’m sure amazing use of color and special effects.

The story would have been a natural for Irwin, and very much along the lines of his previous work, we are ecstatic to have found this amazing collectible!

We hope to find the original script someday, and possibly find out who he had in mind as far as casting.

We’re sure this would have been another truly amazing IA spectacle!


002 (640x455)

003 (640x529)

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