Irwin Allen Model Kits: Alive and Well in 2012!

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It’s amazing how Irwin Allen’s legacy lives on well into the new millennium.

A friend and I recently visited a hobby shop nearby for supplies and to browse through the new model kits. I couldn’t help but notice a nice selection of Moebius Models, Irwin Allen kits together on the shelf, the Seaview, (both the 8 window and TV versions), the wonderful 18″ Jupiter 2, the Flying Sub and more!

I had planned to go there to purchase another excellent Moebius 1/32 scale Flying Sub, (luckily, there was still one on the shelf) which I plan to build into an “Aqua Foil” from City Beneath the Sea. I also plan to build yet another Flying Sub someday with the addition of the “claws and landing gear” as seen in the fourth season of Voyage.

It’s a dream come true to see all these great models still being released 45 years later, hats off to Moebius for doing an excellent job!

Can’t wait for their upcoming release; the Lost in Space Robot in 1/6th scale! stay tuned for updates.


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