Irwin Allen Mentions: How to Survive Show, Damp Dangers and More

I’m always amazed by how often Irwin Allen’s name, shows and movie references pop up all over the place. Here are a couple of new ones I came across this week:


Blum House Productions reviewed two movies on their blog and left this reference.

INNER-SPACE-003“What really sinks this ship is that monster. While the design concept is intriguing, like a bipedal lionfish, the execution is sloppy. Bulky and cumbersome, the suit looks no better than something out of Irwin Allen’s television prop closet. Danger, Will Robinson!”

And I’m over the moon about this one, it’s a podcast called “How to Survive: The Film Survival Podcast.” Which, I assume, is a movie review podcast that always discusses how the average person would survive if they were trapped in the given film.

This week, they reviewed both The Towering Inferno:

“We talk about improving the efficiency of a one-person chair lift; the difficulty of forgetting about 6 million gallons of water; and the ease at which a fire can be extinguished by running past it.”

And The Poseidon Adventure:

“We talk about the likelihood of suffering a fatal heart attack shortly after revealing a world-record breaking talent; the upsetting lack of mettle shown by a maritime commander; and the logistics of a gyroscopic ship.”

So much fun. The two hosts are right on, so funny and they’re British! Now, I’m going to have to go back and listen to their entire catalog!

Spotted on TV:

Barbara Eden popped up in an early cameo in the movie Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter

Judy the Chimp turned up on I’ve Got a Secret

Kurt Kasznar showed up in the Matt Helm film The Ambushers.

Did you see an Irwin reference on TV or on the internet this week? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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