IA Photo of the Week; The Time Travelers 1976

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We thought we’d do another photo of the week a bit early this time since we hadn’t done this segment in a while. This week’s feature is a slightly lesser know Irwin Allen TV movie,  The Time Travelers 1976, starring Tom Hallick and Sam Groom (of Time Tunnel fame).

In the story Earnshaw and Adams travel back in time to find the cure for a disease that was originally discovered back in the 1800’s. They track down gruff, cigar smoking Dr. Joshua Henderson (played by the late, great Richard Basehart) in Chicago, hoping that he can give them the cure. Only one problem, they get their timing messed up so they only have 24 hours to get the cure and get back to their time before the start of the great fire of 1871. 

The teleplay was written by Jackson Gillis and Rod Serling. The movie was intended as a pilot for another series originally. Although some say Time Travelers was a re-working of Time Tunnel, it actually stands on its own as a great little TV movie.

Irwin was a big fan of time travel in general, in fact, in the late ’80s he had another proposed series in the works called Time Project, but it never materialized.  Fortunately, this film is preserved as a bonus feature on The Time Tunnel – Volume Two for everyone to enjoy.

We highly recommend it!

Time Travelers


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