IA Photo of the Week: Lost in Space; The Reluctant Stowaway

It’s been ages since we’ve done an IA photo-of-the-week, but it’s back, and we’ll be doing this regularly. Here we have a nice little shot of the Robinsons and Dr. Smith behind the scenes (notice the open ceiling) in the holy grail Lost in Space episode “The Reluctant Stowaway.” This episode had it all, great special effects, good story, excellent characters and most importantly, it’s the episode that started it all!

Lost in Space has been released in England as a complete box set, along with Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and Land of the Giants.

Wouldn’t it be great to see Lost in Space released on Blu-Ray!, it would be awesome to see it get the treatment it deserves, imagine the colorful second and third seasons in high def!

It would also be great to see some more extras. Fans wonder if there are more IA home movies on the set of LIS?. Time Tunnel, Voyage and Land of the Giants all had wonderful home movies of Irwin on the sets. Of course if LIS did get released on Blu-Ray, we would naturally want the other three shows to get the same treatment,…..let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Stay tuned more to come!


3 thoughts on “IA Photo of the Week: Lost in Space; The Reluctant Stowaway

  1. Robert Amelio

    I like to second that question, also I would like too know if they will make a move of ”Land Of The Giants” ? why not, they already got, one ”Lost In Space,” movie, one ” Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea,” movie one ” Time Tunnel ” move, @ and even several,” Star Trek ” movies, please give me a break with all the above shows having a move, and the best show of them all, They didn’t make a movie of as of yet ,

  2. Lars Post author

    We’d all love to see a blu-ray treatment of Giants and though I don’t know that it’ll happen, I wouldn’t count it out.

    As far as movies go, only Lost in Space got a reboot film. Voyage was a movie before the series, so that doesn’t really count. The “Time Tunnel” movies are just episodes repackaged for resale as films. There was a TV reboot but it didn’t make it past the pilot episode.

    The trouble with Giants is that it would be expensive to make and would likely be done mostly CGI like the new Alice in Wonderland. But I also think it’s not as well known worldwide as Lost in Space so it would be a gamble to bet on the name. My opinion – I’m open to others.


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