IA Photo of the Week: City Beanth the Sea

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City Beneath the Sea is another rare Irwin Allen film that Lars loves but I must confess I’m not that fond of. You can also get this one from Warner Archive (can I tell you how much we love that they’re doing DVDs on demand!)

City Beneath the Sea (DVD) City Beneath the Sea (DVD)There it is Pacifica, a gleaming metropolis on the ocean floor. But the fabulous, futuristic city is seven hours away from doom as a giant asteroid hurtles toward a direct hit. Good thing an all-star cast of steel-nerved stalwarts including Stuart Whitman, Robert Wagner, Richard Basehart, Joseph Cotton and boxing legend Sugar Ray Robinson is on hand.

From Irwin Allen, the beloved disaster movie impresario behind The Poseidon Adventure, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and The Towering Inferno, comes the over-the-top underwater adventure City Beneath the Sea. Submerge yourself in waves upon waves of screen excitement.

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