Guy Williams / Zorro exhibit in San Juan Capistrano CA

dsc03623 Just got back from a wonderful Sunday in San Juan Capistrano CA to visit the historical  California Mission ‘Mission San Juan Capistrano, and a tribute to the many incarnations of Zorro on film.

Among the various displays there was a wonderful tribute to the great Disney television series, and our very own Guy Williams! Many artifacts and collectibles were on display, including toys, charm bracelets, as well as a ‘pitch book’ to sell the series to Walt Disney. There was also movie posters like ‘The Mark of Zorro’ and much much more.

To add to the atmosphere, there was also a film running with clips from the old serials as well as the movies and of course the Disney series with Guy Williams. All in all the folks at the Mission did a wonderful job with the exhibit, and we had a great time seeing all the goodies on display and seeing all the visitor’s reaction to this legendary hero.

It’s interesting to note that Guy went on to do a couple of films after Zorro, Captain Sindbad for one, then went on to do a couple of episodes of Bonanza (which almost became a regular role for him) before getting the part of John Robinson on Lost in Space!

The exhibit runs until August 31, 2010 and definitely worth checking out! –Lars & Cynthia
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