“Flying Sub” in 1/32 scale finished!

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dsc02559Just finished this wonderful Moebius models 1/32 scale Flying Sub.

I had a blast building and finishing this wonderful vessle from Irwin Allen’s Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea…designed by long time associate art director Bill Creber and Irwin himself! this timeless design lives on in the imagination of fans and modelers.

The flight crew are converted (just slightly)  “Crows Nest miniatures” figures. The interior is completely lit with LED’s and fiber optics, including the swirling fusion lights. I airbrushed the exterior in Tamiya acrylics, and the interior in a combo of Tamiya & Vallejo acrylics.

This is my second (and not last time!) visiting this wonderful “star” from the great T.V. series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

For more photos please visit:  larslil.com

dsc02506 dsc025091 dsc02510

3 thoughts on ““Flying Sub” in 1/32 scale finished!

  1. Kelvin S.Thompson

    Hello! I have really taken a day, just to find these Crow nest miniatures figures you used for the sub. But I can no find them. Attempting to make my own sub. Is there a DIRECT LINK you picked them up from. A name, e-mail address. Whatever to buy them. How much did you pay? Starting on sub soon! Please help ASAP.



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