Classic Irwin Allen Model Kits, Props and more…

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The many incarnations of the Irwin Allen ships have continued to appeal to modelers for over 40 years. Aurora plastics were the first model company to release model kits based on the Irwin Allen shows, these kits have remained sought after all these years.

I think a lot of the appeal is the designs….they were truly timeless shapes, if fact they almost seem more real than the real thing in some ways, take for instance the Seaview, what a cool design ! if you look at a modern sub, it almost doesn’t seem as real ! I do like the shapes of WW II submarines though, they seemed to have more shape and form.

In the 80’s Lunar Models filled the void left by Aurora and Monogram and released almost everything from all the Irwin Allen shows, including accesorie sets, figures and more, I got every kit as it was released back then, and still couldn’t get enough !

Polar Lights revieved the Aurora craze by reissuing many of the classic early kits, and some originals such as the Jupiter 2 ( a beautiful rendition w/ full interior ) and a Dr.Smith with the robot also very cool!

Now Moebius Models has taken the torch, and is releasing a 49inch Seaview ! complete with interior, Flying Sub and more ! they have also anounced a Lost in Space Chariot, and Space Pod in 1/24 scale…A great scale, not too big or too small .

A tip of the hat must go to Irwin’s art directors Jack Martin Smith, Bill Creber, and the great Paul Zastupnivich , to name a few, for being true visual geniuses, good design never gets dated.

3 thoughts on “Classic Irwin Allen Model Kits, Props and more…

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  2. StuOz

    Nice to see you mention the not often mentioned art director Jack Martin Smith.

    This guy goes all the way back to un-credited art work on The Wizard Of Oz (1939)!!!

    As well as Irwin Allen tv, this guy did a lot of art work on 20th Century Fox’s Batman (1966-68) tv series…which probably explains why the Batman series looked so good!

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