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IA Photo of the Week; The Time Travelers 1976

We thought we’d do another photo of the week a bit early this time since we hadn’t done this segment in a while. This week’s feature is a slightly lesser know Irwin Allen TV movie,  The Time Travelers 1976, starring Tom Hallick and Sam Groom (of Time Tunnel fame). In the story Earnshaw and Adams travel back in time to find… Read more »

Irwin Allen Model Kits: Alive and Well in 2012!

It’s amazing how Irwin Allen’s legacy lives on well into the new millennium. A friend and I recently visited a hobby shop nearby for supplies and to browse through the new model kits. I couldn’t help but notice a nice selection of Moebius Models, Irwin Allen kits together on the shelf, the Seaview, (both the 8 window and TV versions),… Read more »

Irwin Allen Movie Props Go Up for Auction

Next weekend, April 2 & 3, Premiere Props will be auctioning a collection of items from a variety of movies and TV shows including two pieces from Irwin Allen Flicks. One is a matte painting from City Beneath the Sea. It’s an excellent collector’s piece because of what it is, I only wish it was more interesting as a painting…. Read more »

IA Photo of the Week: City Beanth the Sea

City Beneath the Sea is another rare Irwin Allen film that Lars loves but I must confess I’m not that fond of. You can also get this one from Warner Archive (can I tell you how much we love that they’re doing DVDs on demand!) City Beneath the Sea (DVD)There it is Pacifica, a gleaming metropolis on the ocean floor…. Read more »

Irwin Allen’s Amazing Captain Nemo on DVD from Warner Archives!

Finally, Irwin Allen’s Amazing Captain Nemo is out on DVD! This was originally aired back in 1978 as a 3 part mini-series, it then had theatrical release in Europe as the ‘Amazing Captain Nemo’ some familair Irwin Allen actors such as Jose Ferrer, Warren Stevens, and Burr DeBenning are in the film. Lots of fun, in this underwater Sci-Fi adventure,… Read more »

Irwin Allen TV Movies Arrive at Warner Archives

Tomorrow, Warner Archives will be releasing 5 of Irwin’s TV movies and you can get the whole collection for half price, $55.95. You get Flood!, Fire! Hanging by a Thread, The Night the Bridge Fell Down and Cave-in!. Exclamation points at no extra charge. We’ll be buying them, and I really should review them. They’re loaded with all of your… Read more »

City Beneath the Sea on DVD from Warner Archives!

Irwin Allen’s spectacular underwater epic City Beneath the Sea, has finally been released on DVD by Warner Bros. Archives. This long overdue release will be of great welcome to Irwin Allen and science fiction fans everywhere! In the 21st century, Commander Mike Mathews, (Stuart Whitman) is called back to resume his duty by the President, played by (Richard Basehart) of… Read more »