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Time Tunneling with James Darren Interview & Video 2015

We just came across this new interview with James Darren from Los Angeles Magazine         Nice little piece with a video showing his original apartment, and favorite restaurants. We had the pleasure of meeting James at a Time Tunnel convention a couple of years ago, and found him to be quite personable and willing to talk about his past… Read more »

Kavan Smith Talks About the Time Tunnel 2002 Remake

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to interview Kavan Smith while he was working on Stargate Atlantis. He played Major Lorne and his primary duty seemed to be leading up the second unit away teams that didn’t concern his superior, Col. John Sheppard. But back in 2002, Smith also starred in the Fox remake of the Time Tunnel…. Read more »

Time Tunnel Reunion – Hollywood Show Oct. 6th & 7th !

Just returned from Burbank, where Cynthia and I have just attended a Time Tunnel reunion at the Hollywood Show! in attendance were James Darren, the lovely Lee Meriwether, and Robert Colbert, everyone looked great, Lee is beautiful as ever, (still Miss America!) James Darren, much like Frankie Avalon, retains that ageless Philly boy appearance, and Robert Colbert, (who we last met back… Read more »

New Time Tunnel book by Martin Grams just released!

We are very happy to announce the release of this wonderful new Time Tunnel book by Martin Grams and released through Bear Manor Media, the book features many rare photos, new interviews, memos, production notes and more! Martin Grams went all out on this one, and it is sure please the legions of Irwin Allen / Time Tunnel fans everywhere…. Read more »