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New 1/6th LIS Robot Model Kit by Moebius coming in July!

Moebius Models will be releasing an all new 1/6th scale LIS B9 robot at the end of July 2013! The cool thing about this incarnation of the robot is the addition of the soil analyzer and door, which makes it possible for the modeler to depict the classic first season robot. What’s also really cool, is that in this scale… Read more »

Lost in Space Sighting on ‘The Neighbors’

ABC’s new comedy The Neighbors is about a typical urban family who moves to the suburbs only to find out that everyone else in their gated community is an alien. Surprise, surprise, it’s actually a truly funny and poignant comedy that is not to be missed. In the season finale, The Neighbors paid homage to their spacy roots with guest… Read more »

Sci.Fi & Fantasy Modeller Vol. 29 LIS Space Pod Article out soon!

 I am happy to announce that the forthcoming issue of Sc.Fi & Fantasy Modeller Vol. 29 will feature an article on one of my latest projects, the LIS 1/24th Moebius Space Pod! It will feature a step by step how-to article on building, lighting, painting and diorama lay-out. It also includes the conversion of a race car driver figure I… Read more »

A Surprise in Super 8

Lars   December 15, 2012   No Comments on A Surprise in Super 8

Last week we sat down to watch J.J. Abrams’ movie Super 8 on Epix. It’s a fun homage to the “kids save the day” films of the 80’s like Goonies and Stand by Me. The kids in the movie are making their own zombie film using a Super 8 camera and while shooting at a train station they accidentally catch… Read more »

Irwin Allen Model Kits: Alive and Well in 2012!

It’s amazing how Irwin Allen’s legacy lives on well into the new millennium. A friend and I recently visited a hobby shop nearby for supplies and to browse through the new model kits. I couldn’t help but notice a nice selection of Moebius Models, Irwin Allen kits together on the shelf, the Seaview, (both the 8 window and TV versions),… Read more »

Lost in Space Space Pod vignette completed!

Just completed this wonderful Moebius Space Pod in 1/24th scale. The model has the addition of photo-etch enhancement, fusion core chaser lights with adjustable speed, overhead lighting, and fiber optics for the instrument panel. It is finished in Vallejo and Tamiya acrylics. Like the Chariot, it’s been about 25 years since the last Space Pod, back in the Lunar Models… Read more »

Moebius Land of the Giants Spindrift model kit

Finally, an up to date Spindrift kit from Moebius models! The model is in 1:128th scale, same scale as the little Flying Sub which comes with the big Moebius Seaview. The box art is the same as the 1975 Aurora reissue of the Spindrift. Hopefully we will see a larger scale Spindrift from Moebius someday, perhaps in 1:32nd scale or… Read more »