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Lost in Space ~ Jupiter 2 Completed

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Just finished up this great Lunar Models 24″ Jupiter 2. A ton of work but well worth it. After several months of sanding, scratch building, and converting/sculpting new figures…not to mention full lighting for the interior cockpit, Dome & chaser lights on the fusion core, I finally have a BIG Jupiter 2 that I’ve always wanted. The model finished in… Read more »

UCLA Library Collection~Irwin Allen Archive/W.B.~Part 1

Just got back from a most wonderful and inspiring 2 day getaway, our trip involved a visit to the Performing Arts Archives to see “The Irwin Allen Papers”…as well as a tour of Warner Bros. studio…first up, was an appointment with the UCLA library to go through about five boxes of material covering Irwin Allen’s big four, we went through… Read more »

LOST IN SPACE ! with Judy & the Robot…

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Just completed this wonderful figure of Judy Robinson (Marta Kristen), the figure is even approved by Marta! with her signature cast on the base…very cool! and also, the classic Aurora (Polar Lights) Robot. The figure is resin and produced by Jimmy Flintstone, when I first saw it, I knew I had to build and paint it…it represents the spirit of… Read more »