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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1961 feature on Blu-Ray!

Good news, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1961 is finally getting the Blu-Ray treatment! It is scheduled to be released on October 8, 2013. This is great news for fans, as the film already looks fantastic on the deluxe “Global Warming” DVD version, we suspect the Blu-Ray edition is going to look even more spectacular, especially the underwater… Read more »

Poseidon Adventure 40th anniversary cover story in Cinema Retro

We’re happy to announce that the latest issue of Cinema Retro has a 40th anniversary cover story on The Poseidon adventure. Lots of amazing information on the disaster movie that set the standard, including interviews with Carol Lynley & Mort Kunstler who created the wonderful poster art. There’s several rare photos, behind-the-scenes, and in front of the camera. This issue… Read more »

“SS Poseidon” Model at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum

Cynthia an I just returned from a visit to the Los Angeles maritime museum in San Pedro. The main reason for going was to meet one of the stars from Irwin Allen’s The Poseidon Adventure…the “SS Poseidon” filming miniature. When we got there, we went to the exhibit room upstairs, and what we saw was truly amazing. The model is… Read more »

Irwin Allen’s ~ ” THE BIG CIRCUS ” 1959

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One year prior to Irwin Allen’s foray into the Sci-Fi/Fantasy and special effects genre, he produced a wonderful movie called The Big Circus…released in 1959, it had all the marking’s of an “IRWIN ALLEN PRODUCTION” action & spectacle, vivid production values and big scope! Irwin was sort of a modern day Cecil B. Demille a real showman, and what better… Read more »