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IA Photo of the Week: Voyage and Big Circus

We’ve been collecting Irwin Allen related photos for many years, so stay tuned here to see some of our favorites. Some are rare, some not so much, but maybe its new to you, so enjoy. Let’s begin with Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, then on to one of my favorite movies, Big Circus! Now here’s the lovely Kathryn… Read more »

Irwin Allen’s ~ ” THE BIG CIRCUS ” 1959

One year prior to Irwin Allen’s foray into the Sci-Fi/Fantasy and special effects genre, he produced a wonderful movie called The Big Circus…released in 1959, it had all the marking’s of an “IRWIN ALLEN PRODUCTION” action & spectacle, vivid production values and big scope! Irwin was sort of a modern day Cecil B. Demille a real showman, and what better… Read more »