A Surprise in Super 8

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Last week we sat down to watch J.J. Abrams’ movie Super 8 on Epix. It’s a fun homage to the “kids save the day” films of the 80’s like Goonies and Stand by Me. The kids in the movie are making their own zombie film using a Super 8 camera and while shooting at a train station they accidentally catch a horrific train wreck on film.

But it’s not the wreck itself that is so incredible, it’s the thing that crawls out of the wreck that proceeds to decimate the town.

The little boy who leads the film is a model builder. In one scene, you see him painting an Aurora Hunchback of Notre Dame. But there are other models scattered around his room.

Are you eagle-eyed enough to spot the Irwin Allen item in this screengrab?

Click to magnify it or you won’t have a chance.



If you look real hard, you’ll see a familiar model in the lower right hand corner on the bottom shelf. We did our best to blow up the dark image, so forgive the quality but we think you’ll recognize the ship.

If you have Netflix, you can stream Super 8 now or watch it on Epix on cable.

super 8 closeup

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