Irwin Allen's Flight 612

A Tribute to the Late, Great Irwin Allen


Kavan Smith Talks About the Time Tunnel 2002 Remake

tunnel 6A few years ago, I had the opportunity to interview Kavan Smith while he was working on Stargate Atlantis. He played Major Lorne and his primary duty seemed to be leading up the second unit away teams that didn’t concern his superior, Col. John Sheppard.

But back in 2002, Smith also starred in the Fox remake of the Time Tunnel. I had to ask him about it and he was more than happy to talk about the project.

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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1961 feature on Blu-Ray!

51V9IPWlq3L Good news, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1961 is finally getting the Blu-Ray treatment! It is scheduled to be released on October 8, 2013.

This is great news for fans, as the film already looks fantastic on the deluxe “Global Warming” DVD version, we suspect the Blu-Ray edition is going to look even more spectacular, especially the underwater sequences and fire in the sky!

Be sure to get your order in soon. Now we have  The Towering Inferno, Poseidon Adventure and Voyage out on Blu-Ray!

Now if only they’d release the four shows on Blu Ray as well!…


Irwin Allen TV Movies Now on 20 Percent Off at Warner Archive

hanging by a threadIf you’ve been thinking about buying any of the Irwin Allen made-for-TV disaster movies from Warner Archive, now is the time.

Use this link to save 20% on Hanging by a Thread, Fire, Flood and The Night the Bridge Fell Down.

Valid through 10/7!

L.A. Comic Book & Sci-Fi Convention 2013

peter mark richmond (2)    Just got back from a wonderful day at the Los Angeles Comic Book & Sci-Fi Convention held on Aug. 18, 2013. The Con featured a 50th anniversary tribute to the classic Sci-Fi series The Outer Limits as well as several guests from classic Star Trek and Gary Lockwood of 2001: A Space Oddity fame to name a few.

Also attending were a few Irwin Allen related guests such as Barbara Luna Five Weeks in a Balloon and Joey E. Tata, who appeared in several IA series including Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space & The Time Tunnel.

Yvonne Craig was also present, mostly known for her role as “Batgirl” from the classic 1960s Batman TV series, as well as her role as Marta (the green skinned Orion girl) on classic Star Trek. Yvonne also who did a couple of IA episodes as well: Voyage -”Turn Back The Clock” and she also appeared with Bruce Dern in an episode of Land of the Giants -”Wild Journey”  it was great to see her there, and she looked fantastic after all these years!

Another prominent IA related guest Peter Mark Richman was also there. (He’s one of those actors that never seemed to  Yvonne craig (2)have a day off, having done over 500 guest TV appearances, 3 movies, and his own series Cain’s Hundred from 1961-1962)

Peter (known in the 60s as “Mark” Richman) who guest starred in the Outer Limits, The Invaders, Twilight Zone and many more, also worked for Irwin allen. He did 2 episodes of Voyage to the Bottom of the sea -”Secret of the Deep” and “The Monster’s web”, he also did a second season episode of  Land of the Giants -”Panic”

Peter Mark looked fantastic (pictured) and a pleasure to talk with, him and his wife were very cordial and willing to chat and reflect on his career. Our good friend (and long time Irwin Allen fan!) Kirk Kirkland, was hanging out with us at the con, and I was able to get a photo of him with Mr. Richman. All and all a great day, and lot’s of fun to see some our favorite celebs present and willing to talk about some of our favorite shows!  001





Guy Williams Jr. at San Diego Comic Con

DSC00085 (2)    Found this great photo of Guy Jr. from the San Diego Comic Con, I’m pretty sure this was taken back in either 2008 or ’09, not sure?

It’s amazing how similar in appearance Guy Jr. is to his father, his face and smile are almost identical!

It’s great to see that he’s keeping the flame burning for his father, a real treat to meet him at the con!





New 1/6th LIS Robot Model Kit by Moebius coming in July!


Moebius Models will be releasing an all new 1/6th scale LIS B9 robot at the end of July 2013!

The cool thing about this incarnation of the robot is the addition of the soil analyzer and door, which makes it possible for the modeler to depict the classic first season robot.

What’s also really cool, is that in this scale the model could be displayed with the 1/6th LIS SciFi Metropolis figures in a little vignette setting!

Can’t wait! Stay tuned for more updates!

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TV Exec Pushes for Decade Specific Retro Channels (LIS Mention)

Variety is reporting that TV exec Garth Ancier has created a new company which is pitching decade specific, syndicated TV networks to various cable companies.

“We have been looking at literally every show that was made in these eras,” said Ancier, former BBC America prexy and chairman of WB Television Network. The concept is patterned after Sirius XM’s satellite radio channels grouped by decade.

For Ancier, the key to building audiences nostalgic for skeins from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s will be in curation and show-discovery strategy. Zeus is seeking adjacent placement for the four channels, and the idea is that at the top of the hour they’ll each run a roadblock promoting next-up programming on all four.

Retro TV is an untapped opportunity, to hear Ancier tell it, with about 80% of shows from those four decades unavailable on any national network. “Nowhere on television is ‘Three’s Company,’ ” Ancier said incredulously, adding that ’60s sci-fi classic “Lost in Space” isn’t in syndication either.

For now, Ancier isn’t disclosing what Zeus’s target shows are, but the venture has shared proposed programming schedules with prospective pay TV partners. Zeus is in talks with eight studios to license library content: CBS, Sony Pictures Television, 20th Century Fox, MGM, NBC, Walt Disney Co., Warner Bros. and Carsey Werner. Ancier said the company isn’t seeking exclusivity on any of the shows.

“It’s hard slogging because you’re asking for four channels” from an operator, Ancier said. “I’m going in there and basically begging, which is what you do in cable and satellite.”

It’s a brilliant idea! Now the questioning begins – which shows would you put together in your ultimate per decade line-up?

Irwin Allen’s ‘The Live Adventures of Pinocchio’ storyboards

001 (640x323) Our latest find on Ebay was a chance miracle! a complete storyboard and shooting schedule for Irwin Allen’s proposed Live Adventures of Pinocchio. The film was one of Irwin’s last projects, but never materialized due to his fading health. The storyboards are literally every scene illustrated in amazing detail, there were several scenes depicting giant props, blue screen work and miniatures. 005 (480x640)

There wasn’t any casting yet, but obviously a script is out there somewhere. The film looks like it would have been very much along the lines of the 1985 Alice in Wonderland TV special produced by Irwin and featuring an amazing all-star cast.

It would have been a real treat to see who he would have cast in this Feature! Especially the boy who would have played Pinocchio himself.

004 (475x640) This find is truly amazing as not only is it a major part of Irwin Allen history, but also a big part of film history. It was to be his last major all-star extravaganza, featuring many trade mark IA features such as giants and giant props, puppets, squids, and I’m sure amazing use of color and special effects.

The story would have been a natural for Irwin, and very much along the lines of his previous work, we are ecstatic to have found this amazing collectible!

We hope to find the original script someday, and possibly find out who he had in mind as far as casting.

We’re sure this would have been another truly amazing IA spectacle!


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Lost in Space Sighting on ‘The Neighbors’

ABC’s new comedy The Neighbors is about a typical urban family who moves to the suburbs only to find out that everyone else in their gated community is an alien. Surprise, surprise, it’s actually a truly funny and poignant comedy that is not to be missed.

In the season finale, The Neighbors paid homage to their spacy roots with guest appearances by George Takei and Mark Hamill. They even had a huge flying saucer hovering over the neighborhood. The week before that, there was a hysterical ET reference that included the youngest alien bundled up in the basket of a bike.

But if you go back to the episode “Mo Purses Mo Money Mo Problems”, you’ll find an unintentional SciFi homage. Check out the background in this shot of Marty and Max at the “puzzle store.”

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Sci.Fi & Fantasy Modeller Vol. 29 LIS Space Pod Article out soon!

sff_cover_29 I am happy to announce that the forthcoming issue of Sc.Fi & Fantasy Modeller Vol. 29 will feature an article on one of my latest projects, the LIS 1/24th Moebius Space Pod!

It will feature a step by step how-to article on building, lighting, painting and diorama lay-out. It also includes the conversion of a race car driver figure I converted into John Robinson, as well as the robot.

Here is the link to